All year-round protection from the elements with the multi-functional TL-4010 top mount profile for all-glass balustrades and windscreens

With the increasing demand for external living spaces, alfresco dining and outside smoking spaces, the need for efficient screening from the elements has never been greater.


The trend for ‘bringing the inside, outside’ and making the most of outdoor space is not restricted to summer months. Year-round usable spaces can be created with intelligent planning and design. Designers, home owners and alike are turning their attention to products that can help create external spaces that restrict the elements and provide comfortable outdoor living or dining spaces.


OnLevel’s TL-4010 top mount profile for all-glass balustrades is quickly becoming established as a ‘go to’ solution for screening applications. It’s popularity across Europe is growing as more and more Architects and designers specify Onlevel’s TL-4010 top mount profile for all-glass balustrades, because of the range of benefits it offers. The TL-4010 profile is a slender, attractive design that maximises the ‘all glass’ look to provide unobscured views.

It can be used in a glass balustrade or windscreen application, and to a height of 2600mm (depending on the application) making it ideal as a windscreen on terraces and decked areas. TL-4010 profile provides a high-level screen from the elements whilst maintaining views and helping to create desirable outdoor living spaces.


Furthermore, the TL-4010 top mount profile has a certified line load of 1.5kN at approx. 1.3m finished floor level as a balustrade, making it a superb option when fixing below a decking to give a super strong and safe solution.


With anchors every 200mm, pre- welded corners and end caps and suitable for a broad glass thickness range between 12mm-21.52mm (using the OnLevel standard Flex-Fit solution), the TL-4010 gives installers design flexibility and provides end users with stunning outdoor spaces.

OnLevel have reported a recent upsurge in demand for balustrade and windscreen solutions for garden and outdoor living spaces, in particular restaurant and decking applications.


Gary Dean Managing Director, OnLevel comments:


‘We’ve seen a notable increase in demand for the TL-4010 profile, which reflects the desire for maximising outdoor spaces and making use of external spaces throughout the calendar year. TL-4010 profile is great for this application due to the height that can be achieved and therefore the protection it provides in keeping the elements out’’

Glass is fitted into the TL-4010 profile using Flex-Fit, Flex-Fit is OnLevel’s innovative system for adjusting glass plates. With this system it is possible to adjust each individual glass plate up to 40 millimetres towards the perpendicular line. It is the solution for a perfect and safe alignment of glass balustrades. With just a simple sliding movement the installer is able to precisely position glass and reduce the assembly time by some 30%.


In addition, Flex-Fit is safer than traditional glass balustrade fixing solutions which often require you to work from both the balcony side and the void side. Flex-Fit can be fully operated from the balcony side. Not only is it safer, rental costs for scaffolding or a cherry picker are eliminated!

















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